Journey into the world of mozzarella

What we will do

We will welcome you to our company. After a short presentation, the agronomist will start the visit. We will start from the stable with a description of the breeding and we will provide different curiosities about the animals. Guests will be able to appreciate them by looking at them closely in complete safety, choosing a buffalo to feed.
The tour will continue in the dairy with a demonstration about how the buffalo milk mozzarella is made. Finally the path will end with a tasting of our products. The experience is ideal for those who want to live a day in the countryside far from the chaos of the city, spending a unique day far from the traditional tourist schemes.

What else you should know

We kindly ask our guests to let us know if they have particular allergies such as: dust, grasses and food intolerances (in particular lactose). Reservations are recommended at least three days in advance.

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Group size

The organization of the tasting includes a minimum of 4 people.

Who can participate

Can participate guests aged 18 or over. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or by someone acting in their stead.

Activity level